NATASHA  (BASS, HARMONIES)                      



About Us

 Starting as Indigo which soon morphed into For the Birds, Natasha and Nic met on a whim and soon became friends, songwriting several days a week with For the Birds members Whit White and David Woodbury. For the Birds remains as a solid alternative/rock group playing the Seattle area while Haunting Autumn is a more mellow version of For the Birds eclectic take on music, combining clever lyricism with melancholy instrumental lines. Haunting Autumn officially began October 6th, 2011 but played simply as Natasha and Nicole at the Good Cheer Harvest Festival and the opening of the blossoming TV series "Our Gracious Drawing Room".  After many successful shows, Haunting Autumn decided to add Caytie Matthews to the ensemble on keyboard and vocals, creating the ability to have loads of trio-harmonies and more of an eerie take on their original songs.

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